Francesco Daprile

Francesco Daprile

Multidisciplinary designer in Milan, He/Him


Multidisciplinary Designer / DJ / Art Director based in Milan.




Service: Art Direction, Graphic Design

"The idea behind the "What a Time to Be Italian" t-shirt, designed by Bar Disco for Eat Wasted, originated from an ironic quote about making one of the most traditional Italian foods—namely pasta—from an unconventional input: food waste. The design humorously incorporates vernacular elements commonly associated with the identity of traditional Italian pastificio, creating a juxtaposition between the forward-thinking vision of founders Leif and Jorge and the heritage that such a product naturally embodies."

Film Director @simonlindskrones
Creative Director @iamjorgea
Original Idea @anapausgg
Executive Producers @kart____studio @carlkronika
Still Photography
Cast @funky.bacteria @micheledeganello @eva_spangenberg with special cameo from @bardiscoclub 📻📡


Service: Art Direction, Graphic Design

"For the launch of Fotomerenda, a podcast produced by Milan-based photography collective Quadronno District and Tony Giorgino, we designed a custom napkin featuring a mascotte and bespoke typography, adding a twist to the iconic Bar Quadronno aesthetic."

Open Rhythm

Service: Visual Identity, Graphic Design

"Open Rhythm is a festival dedicated to expanding the boundaries of clubbing by integrating an audience with intellectual disabilities by offering specialized structures and support services. CULT invited me to the design the visual identity for their festival."


Service: Graphic Design, Type Design

As per their website: "We want to turn silk scarves into a canvas for your deepest fantasies. Limited editions made of 100% silk by Italian artisans".


Service: Visual Identity

"Vivai Carone never had a formal visual identity. I helped the client lay the foundations for their first-ever visual identity in forty years. The strategy was simple: Vivai Carone’s garden is both a visual and generous source of coloured flowers and ornamental plants, and it was very important to make this richness tangible."

Academie voor Theater en Dans

Service: Website Design

"Landing page for Modern Theatre Dance, a study program by
Academie voor Theater en Dans with floating animations and nice navigation."

The page was featured on Readymag website.


Service: Art Direction

"With Bocconi Business&Arts and SLAM JAM exploring alternative ways to inform young students, I saw an opportunity to channel this forward-thinking spirit into a design project. I developed a dynamic visual identity and design system that adapts to each iteration of Collective Identities through an extended collection of shapes, layouts and a colour scheme. My goal was to give Bocconi Business&Arts design team flexible tools to experiment with while ensuring consistency among graphic elements."


Service: Brand Identity

"The client’s brief asked for an identity to encourage people to cycle more by highlighting the benefits a bike hire scheme can offer. By improving the user’s journey through online and offline touchpoints, our goal was to make people feel part of a collective change while creating engagement around a public, shared service. The identity had to be flexible, easy to work with, and strong enough to attract both city dwellers and tourists visiting one of the most advanced cities in Italy."


Service: Campaign Activation, Visual Identity

"The line between strategy and creativity has never been so blurred and Advertising Week can be a major opportunity for industry professionals to bridge this gap. Through our campaign, we wanted to show how Advertising Week can transform a strategist into a creative and vice versa. To activate this message, we envisioned a series of physical installations: separate entrances and elevators for creatives and strategists, a shared way out, personalized stickers and colour changing coffee cups."

The visual identity received a great deal of admiration from Rebecca Eaves, Advertising Week’s VP, Global Talent & Brand Developer.


Service: Graphic Design

"Once upon a time, the world was ruled by companies that controlled oil. Today, it is ruled by companies that own data. This data is becoming more and more intimate and we don’t even realize it. The campaign uses intimate data to challenge “white lies”, making the topic of data privacy and data’s intimacy more accessible for the readers."

Side Projects

Bar Disco

Service: DJ, Graphic Design, Art Direction

"Started in 2020 by Francesco Daprile and Francesco C. Lindo as a way to channel their interest in music and graphic design, Bar Disco navigates the realms of DJing and Graphic Design, their work focusing on unearthing mellow and soulful sounds from around the world and producing design works whose ironic penchant is deeply inspired by vernacular graphic design. Over the years Bar Disco has produced an extensive number of collaborations, DJ sets, and graphics."


"Like Sex, Paper Sells And Is Still Relevant", ODDA
"Irakli Rusadze in conversation with Francesco Daprile", ODDA